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Wholey's Gift Packages

There are so many occasions when you need to give a gift. Perhaps it’s your co-workers retirement party, or a birthday gift to your cousin. No matter what the occasion, we have the perfect gift for you to send their way. Our seafood gift packages come in a wide variety to choose from, that way you can give them a present they’re sure to love.


When you shop our seafood gift packages, you are getting so much more than just some fish or lobsters. You get delicious delicacies that are only the best. We source our seafood from the best areas ensuring the highest quality in taste and flavor. We have a wide variety of our packages offering surf n turf dinners, a griller sampler, smoked fish, lobster and crab bisque, crab legs, smoked salmon, stuffed trout, shrimp scampi, shrimp cocktail, gumbo, and crab cake. Some you have to do a little more preparation than others, such as with our crab cake mix, but don’t worry, we provide all the essentials, and it can be a fun adventure in the kitchen. Others, like our steak and lobster, are quick and easy dinner fixes, and you then have a delicious meal for two. All of our seafood gift packages are shipped to your doorstep with a special gel pack designed to keep them at the optimal temperature for travel. Once your special package arrives, you can cook immediately or save for a later date.


Here at Wholey’s, we are pleased to be considered your neighborhood butcher and market, even if you are thousands of miles away. If you have any questions about our delectable products or packages, please feel free to contact a customer service specialist, and they will be happy to help you with your order.