Fish Fry Pack

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Whether you are preparing for a summer fish fry with your friends and neighbors or you are shopping for a delicious dinnertime option for your family, we've got you covered with our fish fry pack. The perfect option for a summer day full of fun, this will fill up everyone's stomach in no time. The best part is how much fun it can be to prepare.

Our fish fry pack includes:
  • 5 pounds Icelandic I.Q.F. Cod
  • 5-pound Bag Fish N Chip Batter Mix
  • 1 Jar Wholey's Tartar Sauce

We include everything you need to make a delicious fish fry that everyone will love. This is the easiest way to purchase everything rather than shopping for ingredients individually. You can also rest assured that the products included in the pack were caught fresh and fast frozen, to ensure that we locked in the fresh taste of that Cod. This is great for breaking out of the dinnertime rut or just trying something new that the whole family will enjoy.

Fish Fry Pack Wholey's

Fish Fry Pack