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The New Yorker Dinner For Two


There's a nice dinner, and then there's an elegant dinner where the food melts in your mouth and you can't stop thinking about how delicious it was for days. Sure, a restaurant can provide both, but our New Yorker dinner for two can provide the latter, and you'll get points for making it yourself. This is a meal fit for a true king and queen, and the perfect option for you to enjoy on a special night in. There's something extra special about preparing a dish that is cooked with love and in your own home. It adds a level of romance, and we provide everything you need for a delicious meal that won't soon be forgotten. The New Yorker dinner for two features two 7-8 ounce wild-caught lobster tails and two 12 ounce New York strip steaks. We can't tell you how to prepare these, but we can tell you they will be delicious.

However you choose to prepare the New Yorker dinner for two, rest assured that you are receiving quality seafood and meat that will taste fresh, just the way it should.

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