Godshall's Beef Bacon 4 Pack

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There's nothing like the wonderful smell of bacon to get you and up going in the mornings. Or any time of day really. For the meatiest bacon imaginable, try our Godshall's beef bacon. It offers a leaner, more beefy alternative to traditional options, but it still pairs perfectly with your meals and entrees that require a little bit of the best breakfast food. If you're a bacon connoisseur, then this is something you definitely need to try. Stepping out of the typical box doesn't mean you're leaving the traditional pork bacon behind, it just means that you're expanding your culinary options. This can be prepared either in the microwave or pan-fried to a perfect crisp.

Each order of Godshall's beef bacon comes with four 10 oz. packs of high-quality, cured beef bacon so you can whip up dozens of amazingly flavorful dinners without leaving the comfort of your own home. With that much bacon delivered, you will be set for a big family brunch, and then some.

Godshall's Beef Bacon Plates, 10 oz. package.

Godshall's Beef Bacon 4 Pack