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Wholey's USDA Steak Sampler

Item #: wssampler


Nothing can quite top a quality cut of steak when it comes to date night or dinner with the family. Wholey’s Market is the reliable source for food enthusiasts that shop for USDA beef, and our steak sampler is a wonderful option for any meal of the week. Whether grilled, pan-fried, roasted, sautéed, or seared, we guarantee tremendous flavor with each and every bite. Every USDA steak sampler comes with two 8-ounce USDA filet mignon steaks, two 12-ounce USDA boneless New York strip steaks, and two 12-ounce USDA boneless ribeye Delmonico steaks, so you can satisfy your carnivorous cravings in one fell swoop. If you spend $200 or more on merchandise, you can qualify for free shipping!

Our steak sampler is nothing short of delicious, juicy, and tender. We ship every order in special packaging in dry ice to ensure maximum freshness upon arrival. Why wait in line at the meat counter when you can order your steak from the comfort of your own home? The USDA steak sampler is guaranteed to satisfy and leave your taste buds begging for more. Filet mignon, boneless New York strip, and boneless ribeye Delmonico steak will serve as the delicious and tender focal point of any meal. Stock up on steak today for date night, dinner parties, or any special occasions worth celebrating with good food and tremendous amounts of flavor. Remember to register your account, so you can store multiple shipping addresses, track orders, and check out even faster in the future. Please contact us today with any questions or concerns. A member of our courteous team can happily help you find the perfect entrée.

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