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Icelandic Haddock Frozen (5 Lb.)

Item #: frcepakicha


If you don’t have time to pop over to Iceland to pick up some fresh Icelandic haddock, Wholeys can help. That’s because we stock the finest haddock squares available anywhere. This five-pound package of Icelandic haddock is perfect for fish and chips or fish sandwiches. Wholeys sources its fish from only the finest purveyors and ships on dry ice, so you are certain to get only the best products.

Get 5 lbs. of frozen Icelandic haddock from Wholey, for a lean fish that’s easy to cook and prepare. You have three ways to thaw frozen Icelandic haddock: (1) Leave overnight in the refrigerator on a dish in a single layer; (2) Seal in a plastic bag and submerge in a bowl of cold water, one fillet per bowl. Change the water every 2 hours; (3) Microwave on defrost setting. Check frequently to ensure you remove before actual cooking begins. You can broil, bake, steam, sauté, poach, or even use Icelandic haddock fillets in stews and chowders.
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