40 Oz. USDA Choice Black Angus Tomahawk Steak

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Our Angus Tomahawk Steak is an unbelievably tender and delicious cut of ribeye meat that's guaranteed to impress and delight. When grilled and seasoned correctly, it boasts a flavor and texture that's unlike any other. Despite being such a signature cut, it is actually easy enough to cook in your own home. Bring all the exclusive, five-star flavor of the tomahawk steak into your home today.

The presentation of a tomahawk steak is iconic and is almost as important to the piece of meat as the taste. The distinct ax-shaped cut of meat features a beautiful, subtle marbling filled with juicy and tasty fats and proteins that will amaze your taste buds. On the table, it draws the most attention, so be sure to cook, season, and sear it to perfection and create a real piece of art on the plate.

This Angus Tomahawk Steak is graded as USDA Choice. This means these are some of the highest-quality cuts of meat around. They are tender, flavorful, and juicy. These steaks are best suited for grilling, broiling, or roasting, and are perfect for cooking and serving to loved ones or if you plan to host a small party. This steak is a wonderful choice of protein that will be the talk of any occasion. No matter when you decide to cook them, it’s always a good time.

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Black angus tomahawk steak on parchment paper

40 Oz. USDA Choice Black Angus Tomahawk Steak