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When it comes to choosing your shellfish, Wholey is here to help you find the perfect products for your needs. If you’re serving a meal to family and friends of all ages, a classic dish with scallops or clams is often the best way to go. These crowd-pleasers have the fine, delicate texture of your favorite seafood but the flavors are still recognizable and loved by all. For something a bit more daring, consider creating a unique dish with one of our unusual shellfish offerings. While squid and octopus are sure to wow your guests, you can also try something like our shellfish langostinos from Chile. Sometimes referred to as languistinos, these delicious small lobsters are moist, rich and flavorful. As an added bonus, they’re a more affordable alternative to traditional lobster tails.

Order your shellfish langostinos and other shellfish products from Wholey today. If you live in one of our approved shipping areas and order more than $200 in food products, we’ll ship your order for free.