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Crawfish Whole (5 lb.)

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For fresh and tasty seafood dinners, use wild-caught crawfish from Wholey. Our delicious name-brand whole crawfish arrive fully cooked and seasoned for easy preparation. Each order includes a 5 pound bag. Get personalized service when you order from Wholey, a leader in seafood and meat products. Free shipping is available to select states on orders over $200.  Product of China

Most fresh crawfish sold at Wholey’s are fresh, cooked and seasoned. Just reheat using any of the following methods.
To bake: place crawfish in a shallow dish and bake at 400°F for 6-8 minutes, just until heated through.
To grill: place in a grill wok or mesh basket and grill over medium heat, just until heated through.
To broil: Place in a shallow pan and broil about 4 minutes.
Eating crawfish is something of an art. The tail, which readily breaks away, contains all of the meat. It takes 7 pounds of crawfish to make 1 pound of meat. If you like, eat the green-to-gold tomalley or “butter” in the body. In females, you may find clusters of delicious bright red eggs.

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