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Specialty Food Items

There is no denying the way food adds to the experience of life. With every major holiday, food centers as a main part of the festivities and let’s not forget the thousands of cookbooks on the market. With our deep connection to food, it is no wonder specialty food items continue to be a popular choice. The culinary world is full of new, exciting flavors and textures to explore and many foodies are jumping on board. With our selection of gourmet food items running a wide gamut of exciting options, you can get in on the tasting action.


Whether looking to appease your refined palate or looking to try something adventurous, we have you covered with our huge selection of gourmet and specialty food items. These gourmet food items run the gamut from the foods you’d typically find in the finest restaurants in Paris to home-cooked fare from Cajun-style holes-in-the-wall outside of New Orleans – and pretty much everything in between. For an example of the impressive breadth of items we offer for your tasting enjoyment, consider our variety of quality caviars and fully cooked and stuffed escargot, which are both ready to serve with little prep and could not make gourmet meals easier, as well as slices of Southern Americana in the form of frog legs, alligator, and snapping turtle meat. Order some of the latter up today and see for yourself whether it, too, tastes like chicken as the legends claim! For a healthy take on grilling burgers, don’t forget specialty items like salmon burgers, which are a healthy and unique spin on traditional beef burgers. No matter what you are looking to try, we have you covered with our expansive selection of the finest in exciting and out of the ordinary fare.


With over 100 years as a trusted name in seafood, beef, and more, Wholey is honored to be your source for the freshest products delivered straight to your door. We are committed to providing you with the freshest products packed with delicious flavor you will love! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today. We would be happy to help!