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"Blind Robins" Smoked Herring (3 Lb. Avg)

Item #: moblrohe


Fish is one of those items that can be served for pretty much any meal or snack. Serve it with bagels and eggs for breakfast, on top of a salad or as the main dish for lunch or dinner, and serve with a variety of sauces and even on ice for a cocktail snack. Our blind robbins are no different, and can be served with many dishes for a succulent taste the whole family is sure to love. Blind robbins are smoked and salted herrings that are a traditional favorite as a flavorful seafood snack. Produced from Atlantic herring wild-caught off Canada’s Maritime Provinces, you can rest assured that everything we offer is freshly caught, and frozen immediately to lock in that fresh taste you are hoping to find. They are a delicious addition to potato soup or as a complement to egg dishes, and they also stand well on their own. We offer three-pound packages of the small fish fillets, ensuring that you have several pieces to prepare as either the main course or a delicious complement to one of your favorite recipes.


If you have any questions about our selection of blind robbins, please feel free to reach out to one of our customer service representatives. They’ll be happy to help you find the perfect fish for your mealtime needs.


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