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Squid Tubes & Tentacles Cleaned (5 Lb.)

Item #: dibrclsqtu


Seafood lovers will adore this amazingly fresh selection of cleaned squid tubes and tentacles. You can now buy cleaned squid right from Wholey and have it shipped to your door within days. Not for the faint-hearted, this 5-pound Diamond brand squid is a great option when you want to try something new in the kitchen. Squid tubes and tentacles, also known as calamari, are known as a delicacy. Calamari can be eaten on its own as an entrée or it can be eaten as a side dish, prepared in a variety of ways. For some, there is nothing more delicious than fried calamari, while others prefer it mixed into a stir fry or prepared in a delicious stew for the winter months. Whether you prefer to eat it on its own or with another dish, our selection of cleaned squid tubes and tentacles are perfect for preparing your next dish. Everything is sent freshly caught, and cleaned, ready for cooking.

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