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Red Snapper Fillets I.Q.F. (2 Lb. Avg)

Item #: redsnfivapal


Create tasty, restaurant-quality seafood dishes at home with frozen red snapper fillets from Wholey. Straight from the waters of Indonesia, this 2-pound order of red snapper is cut into conveniently sized fillets and quick-frozen to lock in its natural freshness. Order $200 or more in products from Wholey and get free shipping to select states.

Keep red snapper fillets frozen until ready to use. To retain best quality, gradual defrosting is best — overnight in the refrigerator — but at 34-36 degrees. If cooking must await another day following defrosting, keep your fillets in a sealed, ice-surrounded plastic container. If you forget to defrost and dinner is looming, simply run under cold water in a sealed plastic bag to expedite the process. Most of the usual fish cooking methods will work with red snapper, but steaming or pan frying are especially good.
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