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Atlantic Haddock Fillets (2 Lb. Avg)

Item #: haddockfillets


For delicious, fresh fish that everyone will love, choose these haddock fillets from Wholey. Already pre-cut into perfectly sized fillets for easy cooking, this fresh haddock from the North Atlantic is a major crowd pleaser. Each order includes 2 pounds of delicious, fresh haddock. Order yours from Wholey today and get free shipping to select states on orders over $200.

Haddock is an extremely versatile species, usable in most any fish recipe, and more omega-3-rich than cod and many more. You can also cook it many ways, but pan searing is perhaps preferable if you're new to haddock fish. All you need is light seasoning and you're all set. Make sure your oil is hot, and avoid overcooking, which will make it rubbery and tough.
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