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16 Oz. USDA T-Bone Steaks

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T-bone steaks are among the highest quality cuts of beef. Cut from a T-shaped bone, they are generously sized and contain two of the most prized cuts of beef — sirloin and tenderloin. T-bone steak is flavorful and tender and includes very little fat. It may be cooked using a range of methods, including sautéing or grilling.

Enjoy the very best T-bone quality with Wholey’s Premium T-Bone Steaks. You’ll get 16-ounce pieces of the finest beef sourced from reputable local farms. All our USDA beef pieces are handpicked and custom-cut for every customer. Add in our personable service, and buying meats from Wholey is like buying from your very own virtual butcher shop. Order online with our affordable home delivery and get our Premium T-Bone Steaks delivered to your doorstep.
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