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Fish N Chip Batter Mix, (5 Lb.)

Item #: finchbami5lb


Try your hand at the perennial English favorite fish and chips in the comfort of your own home with a five-pound bag of Golden Dipt Fish 'N Chips batter. Golden Dipt is one of the most trusted names in mixes. This particular blend yields a very light batter that produces perfect fried fish every time, no matter which fish you choose. The experts at Wholey, however, recommend cod or haddock for the most traditional spin and near-perfect results each time. This five-pound bag of Golden Dipt fish batter is enough to last even the biggest fish and chips fans for quite some time. And once you've sampled the results from this fish and chips batter mix, you might even be tempted to turn your kitchen into a fish and chips shop, too.

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10 unit(s)
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