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If you love seafood but feel less creative or have low energy to whip up a marinade or spice rub to fit, you’ll love our new Fish ‘N’ Fin Seafood Seasoning! Sprinkle onto Tilapia, rub into salmon fillets, dash it on a jumbo shrimp with veggies and pineapple chunks, place on a skewer, and grill to perfection; make fish tacos that everyone in your family won’t stop talking about—whatever your seafood dish, this seasoning will become your must-have on hand when cooking.

Our exclusive Fish ‘N’ Fin Seafood Seasoning is meticulously blended to become a culinary delight made to elevate the flavor profile of any of your favorite seafood to new heights with just a shake or two (or as many as you like! We don’t judge.) Fish ‘N’ Fin Seafood Seasoning blends red and black peppers, bay leaves, ginger, cloves, paprika, cinnamon, and cardamom. This seasoning is a burst of tastes that work flawlessly with the natural flavors of any seafood and seafood dishes.

Adding ginger creates a warm, zesty character that harmonizes well with other spices to contribute to a well-balanced experience, while cloves add a touch of sweetness and depth, bringing a nuanced and complex flavor to any seafood dish for a complex flavor that will delight the palate. Paprika notes add a mild smokiness and a rich, red coloring to Fish ‘N’ Fin Seafood Seasoning, and cinnamon underlines both warmth and sweetness, with the final touch coming from the cardamom, renowned for aromatic and citrusy qualities.

When you want every bite bursting with flavor combinations used throughout the seafood world with less hassle, turn to Wholey’s—making your meals an entire experience, faster, with higher quality ingredients, meats, and seafood, and the ultimate convenience by delivering it straight to your front door. Spend less time thinking of what to make in the kitchen, skip the grocery store bustle and lines, and create fantastic meals you, your family, and your guests will love.

Whether grilled, baked, fried, or steamed, our Fish ‘N’ Fin Seafood Seasoning can be applied to any style, turning an already delicious seafood into an oceanic experience. Make sure to stock up on our exclusive seasoning to create your next culinary masterpiece!

Fin N Fish Seafood Seasoning Wholey's

Fin N Fish Seafood Seasoning