Eye of Round Steak (6 Lb. Avg)

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While there are many common beef cuts out there, one of the most popular is the round steak. The hindquarters of the cow are often overlooked, but our eye of round steak is one of the leanest cuts you can hope for. This cut features an excellent protein-to-fat ratio and promotes muscle health as well as highly absorbable iron used for energy and the production of red blood cells. Eye of round steak is one of the most economical cuts you can choose to serve for dinner. You can either marinate or season to taste before broiling, sautéing, or braising. Discover the endless possibilities of round steak, so you can ultimately decide what’s for dinner and how it’s prepared.

Eye of round steak is a superb choice for sandwiches, salads, or Asian-inspired stir fry dishes. To make the process of preparing dinner even easier, choose your favorite meatloaf, stew, or pot roast recipes for a meal that practically cooks itself! Each eye of round steak we sell is USDA Choice and certified-boneless, so you can fully expect your meat to be tender, juicy, and flavorful. For optimum flavor, we do not suggest grilling methods because the meat is so lean. Reap the rewards of a quality steak by marinating your round prior to cooking or by braising, roasting, or simmering instead. Regardless of which method you choose, we guarantee the highest quality and freshness you have come to expect from Wholey’s Market. Explore all the wonderful products we have to offer today.

Eye of Round Steak (6 Lb. Avg) Wholey's

Eye of Round Steak (6 Lb. Avg)