Albert's Polska Kielbasa 2 Pack, 84 oz.

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Albert’s Polska Kielbasa should be a staple in your home. This kielbasa is made with the finest pork and beef cuts, then perfectly seasoned in Albert’s house spice blend. After being slow-smoked in a natural hog casing, you’re guaranteed the same luxurious flavor every time you open a new package.

At Wholey, we’ve had enough Albert’s Polska Kielbasa to know you won’t soon forget this naturally hardwood smoked meat. Don’t run to the grocery store twice this week. Instead, order from Wholey to get two family packs of kielbasa, totaling 84 ounces. Have a party and feed ten friends, or feed your family of five twice. At just $42 this is a premium meat that fits the budget.

If you’re hoping to incorporate kielbasa into your menu, but don’t know how, consider replacing it with sausage in existing recipes. Albert’s Polska Kielbasa can be boiled, baked, sauteed, grilled, or even baked into another dish. The seasoning translates well to just about anything that calls for complexly flavored meat. For soups and casseroles, you may want to consider removing the sausage casing, but this is often a matter of preference. Since this is a traditional Polish dish, consider checking out some Polish recipes.

One of the most popular ways to use Albert’s Polska Kielbasa is to serve it baked with sauerkraut. The great thing about this recipe is you can serve just one person or double, triple, or quadruple the portion to serve as many guests as you wish. Combine bacon, sauerkraut, kielbasa, apple juice, brown sugar, and apples in a baking dish and cook for 1-1.5 hours. Refrigerate the mixture overnight, then heat in a slow cooker the next day until it is warm enough to serve. This is a quick meal that will fill up your family and be great for leftovers if there are any.

When you order kielbasa from Wholey, you know you’re getting flavorful meat from premier brands. We think of you as our family! And as a family, we always want you to have the best. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our customer service team. They’re happy to help you through email at or over the phone at 1-888-946-5397.

Packaged Albert's Polska Kielbasa 42 oz

Albert's Polska Kielbasa 2 Pack, 84 oz.