Albert's Smoked Pork Shanks (5 Lbs. Avg.)

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This weekend, spend some time in the kitchen and cook our smoked pork shanks low and slow. Whether you’re planning a special meal for your significant other, friends, or yourself, you can’t go wrong with this lesser-known cut of meat. At first glance, you might pass over this cut for something a little more familiar like ham, steak, or chicken, but will those leave your guests begging for the recipe? A plate of smoked pork shanks in the middle of the table might be something your friends have never seen before. We can guarantee they’ll remember the flavors, and they’ll request shanks over and over again. If you give a friend a pork shank, they’ll ask for another.

Pork shanks can take some love and time to soften and become that perfectly delicious dish. You can save some time by purchasing our Albert’s smoked pork shanks that come pre-smoked; that all-day smoking time won’t be necessary to achieve amazing flavor, it’s already in there! Instead, you can focus on getting the shanks nice and soft. Our favorite way to prepare them involves a simple slow cooker. Pull your thawed shanks out of the refrigerator and add them to the slow cooker with some water or stock, enough to cover them about halfway. Feel free to add any seasonings you wish, but remember they are already smokey and salty. After about 4 hours on the high setting, they should be falling off the bone. We like to keep it simple by tossing some cabbage, onions, and garlic powder into a pan, cooking until the cabbage has become tender, and serving it alongside the mouth-watering shanks.

If your family is anything like ours, they’ll fall in love with this dish, and you don’t want to be rushing to the butcher every week hoping they still have pork shanks in stock. Don’t shop harder, shop smarter at Wholey. We have smoked pork shanks ready to ship to your door in convenient 5-pound packages. And while you’re there, be sure to check out Albert’s other smoked meats including pork hocks, and turkey legs, wings, and necks. Keep your friends and family guessing which specialty meat will appear on the menu this week.

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Albert's Smoked Pork Shanks (5 Lbs. Avg.)