Albert's Smoked Pork Hocks 5 Lb.

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You know those friends who expect an impressive meal whenever they’re invited for dinner? Instead of preparing the same pot roast you’ve served a million times before, mix things up with Albert’s Smoked Pork Hocks. Pork hocks are perfect for an exciting dish because while there may be less meat, this cut is packed with flavor. When boiled in a soup, stock, or any liquid, hocks release collagen and fat to add a smokey, salty, rich flavor. Give them care and time to cook, and you’ll see why they’re a Wholey favorite.

Maybe we’ve convinced you to give pork hocks a try, but you’re still not sure what they are. Unless you’re shopping in the specialty section you may not have encountered this product before. Albert’s Smoked Pork Hocks are a stocky section of bone with collagen and a relatively small amount of meat encased in thick fat and skin. Our hocks are cured with salt and smoked to add a deep bacon flavor to any dish.

Home cooks and professional chefs agree that Albert’s Smoked Pork Hocks are a staple to keep in your freezer at all times. While other pork products are great to enhance a dish, hocks add a flavor none of them can match. Cooking bacon or pancetta for hours will leave you with a watery mess. Boiling these ham hocks all day will give your broth a porky, smokey flavor you may have never encountered before. Plus, they’re inexpensive. At just $54 for 10 pounds, you can use a single package to feed those picky friends for a week.

When you’re looking for that new and exciting dish, place an order for Albert’s Smoked Pork Hocks. They’ll never disappoint. And if you’re friends love it as much as we know they will give them a gift certificate for their birthday or a holiday. They’ll appreciate it and you’re sure to get a great meal next time you’re invited for dinner. Maybe they’ll choose pork hocks, or maybe they’ll check out some smoked turkey legs or stuffed scallops. At Wholey, we’re always expanding our premium inventory to bring rare and unusual ingredients into your kitchen. Sign up for our emails to stay in the loop and get notified when we bring in great new products.

Smoked pork hock

Albert's Smoked Pork Hocks 5 Lb.