Albert's Smoked Turkey Legs 5 Lbs. Avg.

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Nothing says decadent street food like Albert’s Smoked Turkey Legs. The size, the smell, the sheen, this is the kind of meat kings and queens of old would eat. Imagine a large wooden table, each seat filled with royalty, knights, or visiting dignitaries. They’re laughing, shouting, slamming mugs on the table, and in the center of it all is a plate piled high with smoked turkey legs. Food like this can make you feel royal. For one dinner, you can be the king or queen of the house.

It used to seem the only place to get this delicacy was at a theme park or carnival, but luckily we now sell them here at Wholey. We know you don’t want to wait around for a summer street fair to enjoy Albert’s Smoked Turkey Legs. So don’t. At Wholey, we sell 5-pound packages of pre-smoked turkey legs so you can feel like a king or queen all year. Buy a few packages to share with friends, or pile a plate high and eat them all yourself. We won’t judge.

Let’s make it even better. Did you know Albert’s Smoked Turkey Legs are fully cooked? While we don’t recommend it, that means you could eat them straight out of the fridge. Again, we’re not judging. If you do choose to heat them up (they’re better that way), these turkey legs take very little cooking time and preparation, making them a great weeknight meal. Just preheat the oven to 325 degrees, sprinkle them with a little water or broth, and seal them in a foil package. Bake for about 30 minutes, and you’re done. It’s that easy. And why not make an extra to throw in your lunchbox for the next day? You deserve to feel like royalty after a long morning at work.

We’d love to help you keep your freezer stocked with Albert’s Smoked Turkey Legs. If you’re ordering our premium meat and seafood regularly, it’s probably time to check out Wholey’s reward program. Join for free to start earning points toward coupons you can use on smoked turkey legs, lobster, beef tenderloin, and almost anything on our site. Get 500 points just for signing up. Join the family. Eat more turkey legs.

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Albert's Smoked Turkey Legs 5 Lbs. Avg.