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Albert's Old Fashioned Franks (5 Lb. Avg)

Item #: alnacaoldfaf


A fan favorite since 1924, Albert's old-fashioned franks are a hit with the entire family and are perfect for a variety of meals. We know that getting stuck in that mealtime rut can be tiring. You don't want to serve your family the same thing every time, but you also need something that's quick and easy. These franks are made from pork and beef cuts in a sheep casing and are fully cooked and naturally, hardwood smoked, ensuring a delicious snap with every bite. Albert's natural casing old fashioned franks are perfect for tossing on the grill, serving up for birthday parties, or even that quick dinner in between school and the baseball game. Rest assured, they only use high-quality meats that your family will love, and you'll feel confident serving them.

Packages of Albert's old-fashioned franks are available in 5-pound packs, giving you plenty to eat now, and some to store for later. The best part about a purchase is knowing that you can make several meals from it. Serve with a side of chips for a casual lunch.

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