Pork Neck Bones (5 Lbs. Avg.)

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Are you missing home-cooked, Southern meals? Or are you longing to try something steeped in American history with deep Soul Food roots? You may want to look at our 5 pounds of pork neck bones!

You may already be familiar with this delicious and often overlooked ingredient. If you have never considered cooking with pork neck bones, we think you should! Pork neck bones can make deeply comforting, delicious Soul Food dishes quickly and affordably, served with rice and collard greens that will want you going back for seconds or thirds!

The key to cooking with pork neck bones is low and slow for meat that falls right off the bone and to get that rich, brothy, meaty flavor from the bones. Start with our 5 pounds of pork neck bones, drizzle with oil, and apple cider vinegar. Next, generously season them with salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, and parsley flakes. Drizzle about a fourth of a cup of cornstarch to coat every bone, then place in a slow cooker with chopped yellow onion, two cups of water, and broth and cook on high for 4 hours. That's all it takes to make a dish you and your guests want more!

Want to try cooking our 5 pounds of pork neck bones in something a little more international? You may fall in love with Gamjatang or Korean Pork Bone Soup. It's another slow recipe, but when it is ready, it bursts with fantastic, complex flavors. Gamjatang uses ingredients like doenjang, gochujang, gochugaru, potatoes, perilla leaves, and napa cabbages and can be topped with a sweet, salty, wasabi sauce.

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pork neck bones

Pork Neck Bones (5 Lbs. Avg.)