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You might be thinking, 'Pig ears? Aren't they just for dog treats?' Pig ears have been part of Soul food cuisine, Asian, Chinese, Philippines, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine too.

Many who cook and eat pig ears can tell you that their flavor is a sweet, savory, rich pork flavor that can be stronger than other cuts of pork. Pig ears may be a new trend for professional and home chefs to experiment with. Still, it's not a unique ingredient—many cultures have used these delectable cuts for unforgettable meals.

There are so many interesting and scrumptious dishes that feature pig ears. Are you looking for some inspiration for this cut of meat? While we could be here for days excitedly describing all the luscious dishes you can create, we'll give you a few inspiring ideas instead!

A popular Taiwanese side dish is spicy garlic pig ears. Using Sichuan peppercorns, garlic, ginger, green onion, oyster, soy sauce, a touch of sugar, bay leaves, anise, and spicy garlic sauce, simmer the pig ears and let them cool. Slicing them thinly, drizzle with a spicy garlic sauce, garnish with cilantro, and enjoy them as a snack or part of a larger meal.

For a traditional Soul food experience, try smothered pig ears! Boiled pig ears with cayenne, black pepper, garlic, and salt. Then in a cast iron skillet, heat oil at high temp and add flour to create a roux, stirring constantly, add onion, and last, add the pig ears and cover until they return to a boiling point. Cook low and slow for another two hours, and taste your gravy, adding more spices if needed.

Many adore pig ears fried until they are dark golden brown and crispy, served with Brussels sprouts, or even sprinkled over a salad of bitter greens. Another suggestion that many love is to slice the pig ears very thinly, boil them for two to three hours, dry them, deep fry them in hot oil, and coat them with your favorite hot buffalo sauce for a crunchy snack.

At Wholey, we love exploring the entire world through cuisine. When it comes to unusual yet delightful food, from meat and seafood cuts to cooking, we are proud and humbled to inspire you to explore the world, one forkful at a time.

stock photo of raw pig ears

Pig Ears 5 Lbs. Avg.