Hog Maul (5 Lbs. Avg.)

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For those who love to use everything but the "oink" from a hog, you might be ready for our 5 pounds of hog maul. Hog maul (or pig's stomach) can be found in Pennsylvania Dutch, Chinese, Latin American, and Soul Food cuisine. Like the natural sausage and hot dog casings, most hog maul recipes call for this to be stuffed full of savory morsels.

For a great example of a traditional American recipe, your 5 pounds of hog maul can help create a finger-licking, filling dish called Pennsylvania Dutch Hog Maul. You can use cubed potatoes, sausage, onions, and seasonings to stuff the hog maul and even add carrots and cabbage. Traditionally this dish was served during the winter and enjoyed around the butchering days on the farms of Lancaster and Berks.

What you stuff your 5 pounds of hog maul with is entirely up to you! Every family and individual has their preferences for flavors. Before you begin your meal, remember this important step: thoroughly wash the hog maul in cold water, take a knife to remove any excess fat, and rinse again to ensure it is clean.

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Pig Stomach

Hog Maul (5 Lbs. Avg.)