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Pork rubs have long been a popular way to add flavor, depth, and a beautiful sear to many pork dishes. Yet, if you’ve never tried cooking pork with a rub before or are just starting your journey to learning how to cook, finding which pork rub to use can become overwhelming fast. Everyone has a recipe; everyone has an opinion. At Wholey, we try to make cooking easier and more accessible than ever, so don’t stress—we’ve got you with our Original Pork Rub!

Our Pork Rub is a dry rub, a mixture of carefully selected herbs, spices, and other seasonings rubbed generously onto the surface of a piece of pork before it is cooked. Typically dry rubs are commonly used for slow cooking methods, like smoking or roasting, as our Pork Rub adds another delectable layer of flavor to the smokiness of the meat and that flavorful, deeply golden brown crust on the outside of the pork itself.

How do you use our Original Pork Rub?

  1. Start with a clean, dry piece or cut of pork meat. Remove any excess fat or skin if needed, and pat the meat as dry as possible with paper towels or a clean, lint-free kitchen towel.
  2. Generously apply our Original Pork Rub to all sides of the pork, and using your hands, massage it thoroughly into the meat.
  3. Let your pork sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes or up to 24 hours for all the flavors of our Pork Rub to penetrate the meat.
  4. Cook according to your desired method, whether grilling, smoking, or roasting.

At Wholey, we love everything about food and are serious about continuously learning how to make our customers’ lives easier while providing them with unique and exciting cuts of meat, seafood, and more to make cooking more fun and easier than ever.

Our Original Pork Rub takes the best of the best and combines it into an easy-to-use one-and-done rub with all the herbaceous and umami, smoky deliciousness you’ll need for the perfect, succulent piece of pork, whether it’s pulled pork or pork chops. At Wholey, we’re here to make meal times great times again.

Original Pork Rub Wholey's

Original Pork Rub