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Whole Filet Mignon, USDA (7 Lb. Avg)

Item #: whfimiusch6l


Wholey’s Whole Filet Mignon comes from USDA Iowa beef. This sirloin cut is considered one of the most delicious types of beef. At seven pounds or more, our premium filet mignon is generously sized and ready for the grill. No matter how you cook it — sauté, grill, pan-fry — Wholey’s filet mignon is incredibly juicy and tender.

When you buy from Wholey, you get both service and quality. All our USDA beef pieces are custom cut for each individual customer. And, we send our premium filet mignon right to your door with affordable home shipping. Our specialized packing includes dry ice to ensure your order arrives fresh and in perfect condition. At Wholey, we guarantee you’ll get the best quality along with the best price on whole filet mignon.

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