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Snow Crab Cocktail Claws (2 Lb.)

Item #: alsncrcl


Preparing dishes for a party can be so stressful. What if there isn’t enough? What if people don’t like what you’ve prepared? There are so many uncertainties, but when you shop with Wholey, we take some of those uncertainties out of the preparation. We offer snow crab cocktail claws that make a delicious addition to any dinner party.

Your friends are guaranteed to love our snow crab claws. They are wild-caught and delivered straight to your doorstep frozen in a two-pound bag. Each piece tastes as if you had just caught it that same day, even though you had to put minimal effort into them. Snow crab cocktail claws are so easy to prepare, you simply let them thaw, and serve! The most you’ll have to do is arrange them beautifully on a platter. Your guests are sure to love the succulent white meat and enjoy the ease of getting into them. Sometimes parties can be extremely stressful and cause you unnecessary worries, but when all you have to do is thaw and serve, you know that snow crab claws are a great choice for any event. We pick only the best products to send to our customers, so you can rest assured that each piece of meat will be a delectable piece that your guests will savor. All of our products are offered at affordable prices, and get to you as fast as possible to ensure that you can begin enjoying your meal in no time.


Product of China

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