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Canadian Snow Crab Clusters (5 Lb.)

Item #: casncrcl5lb


Seafood offers so many varieties in how it can be served. Some fish are best eaten on their own, while others are meant to be only part of the entrée, with other ingredients helping to enhance the flavor and make it even more delicious. Our Canadian snow crab clusters are so versatile, you can eat them cold on their own, or in steamed, broiled, or baked dishes.

Part of what makes Canadian snow crab clusters so appealing is the fact that they are such a versatile meal. Whether you are preparing an elegant dinner or you are trying to plan for a quick family meal, our clusters are the perfect option for a delicious dinner that everyone is sure to love. Our Canadian snow crab legs come with a large portion of the body attached, offering a generous portion for even the heartiest of appetites. Our five-pound package offers a great amount of food for any occasion.

Each package is delivered nestled on dry ice to guarantee that they are frozen when they arrive at your doorstep. While we strive to offer our customers only the best seafood available, a part of what makes us so popular is the fact that your food always arrives fresh and ready to eat, even if it comes from across the country.

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