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Smoked Salmon Sampler


Salmon is an essential in any seafood lover’s diet. Whether you prefer to have yours steamed up real quick with some broccoli or you prefer to enjoy yours in the morning, it’s a must-have, and a very healthy choice for your diet. It can also be enjoyed with cheese and crackers or even on a sandwich for your lunchtime. With our smoked salmon sampler, whether you are planning a big party or just planning on enjoying this slowly by yourself, we have everything you need. Our smoked salmon sampler contains one 8 ounce package of Kendall Brook Smoked Salmon, one 8 ounce package of Smoked Sockeye Salmon, and two 4.5 ounces of Morey’s Smoked Salmon. Each one is delicious in its own way and already cooked, so all you need to do is prepare it however you wish to. These are perfect for laying out as appetizers for an upcoming cocktail party or serving as a fun dinner with friends and family. The possibilities are endless.

Our Smoked Salmon Sampler includes:

  • One 8 Oz. Kendall Brook Smoked Salmon
  • One 8 Oz. Smoked Sockeye Salmon
  • Two 4.5 Oz. Morey’s Smoked Salmon

While it may seem like preparing a seafood feast can be difficult, our smoked salmon sampler pack takes all the frustration and effort taken out of preparations. We even offer free shipping on select orders!

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