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Seafood Mix 5 Lb.

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In the past, you have likely resorted to dining out in order to satisfy your craving for genuinely fresh seafood. Wave goodbye to wasting time and money and discover our premium seafood medley. You can finally create all the favorite recipes you’ve been longing for. Serve our exclusive seafood mix in stews, casseroles, or over salads as healthy alternatives to beef, pork, and other red meats. Start eating healthier and feel better by trying something out of the ordinary. Discover inventive recipes and unusual ways you can choose seafood over other meats for your day-to-day routines by exploring our exceptional seafood selection today.

Our signature seafood mix features shrimp, clams, surimi, and squid that are carefully cleaned and prepared, ready for you to incorporate into a unique dish for you and your family to enjoy to the last bite. Surimi is also known as imitation crab meat, but it is actually a flavorful paste made from the lean meat of pollock, cod, shark, tilapia, and other popular species of fish. You can easily implement our seafood medley into pasta dishes with Mediterranean influences or a classic garlic and wine sauce for a romantic dinner you’ll never forget. Wholey’s Market is your ultimate destination for the freshest seafood and meats. Explore our wonderful selection of fish and specialty items so you can take your weeknight dinners to the next level.

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