Norwegian Salmon Portions, IQF (3 Lbs. Avg.)

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A fish is a fish. Shockingly, not when it comes to salmon! Where your salmon comes from can influence so much about this delectable cut of fish. Norweigan salmon may be the world's most perfect and favorite type, raised in flawless, natural conditions. 

Norway's coasts stretch more than 100,000 kilometers, second only to Canada! With plentiful cold, long fjords, and coastal waters, the ideal conditions are set for natural or farmed salmon. The benefits of eating salmon are well known, but you may not know that Norweigan salmon is non-GMO and antibiotics free. 

As one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is a must-have on your plate. Packed with protein, Omega-3, vitamins A, D, B12, and more, Norweigan salmon is also a must-have for perfect at-home sushi, salmon cakes, grilled, or just as is! You can get the freshest Norweigan salmon portions delivered to your door when you order with us. With 3 lbs of salmon portions, you'll have plenty for decadent, flakey, tender salmon for lunches, dinners, or whatever you can imagine! 

Our 3lbs of Norweigan salmon has been conveniently pre-cut into eight 6 oz portions for easier preparation and cooking. Norweigan salmon can be grilled, smoked, fried, used in sushi, to make salmon burgers, cooked in a wok, used for wraps, poke bowls, tacos, and so much more. At Wholey, we believe that cooking and food creation with the world's most popular and finest ingredients is for everyone!

We want to help you fall in love with food all over again, and when you try our Norweigan salmon, you're bound to float away on its incredible flavor and texture. Since 1912, well over a century ago, Robert Wholey & Co. has been working diligently to ensure every customer has the very best meat and seafood available, with options such as meal inspiration, spices, sauces, and so much more to help you discover and find recipes that delight you, your family, friends or guests. 

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Norwegian Salmon Portions, IQF (3 Lbs. Avg.)

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