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Lobster Bisque Condensed Frozen (4 Lb.)

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For most people, soup is always an appropriate choice for any day. Soup can help relieve feelings of homesickness, as well as help you to feel better if you're struggling and feeling a bit under the weather. It can also warm you up after a frigid day outside in the elements. No matter the reason, it's good to have some soup options on-hand at all times, which is where our frozen condensed lobster bisque comes in. You know that we can provide one of the best lobster bisques you've ever tasted, but more than that, you can take our recipe and make it even better. Our frozen condensed lobster bisque soup is delivered in a 4-pound tub, so you won't run out any time soon! There is plenty of flavor packed into every spoonful, and this tub will feed dozens, which makes it great for a large family dinner or just to last for several weeks. For a special treat, and your own twist, add our delicate crab meat or langostinos to this lobster bisque. And don't forget about the baguette on the side!

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