Frozen Bay Scallops (2 lbs.)

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Sea scallops or bay scallops? They're no different, right? Not quite! Sea scallops tend to be larger, while bay scallops tend to be smaller but sweeter in flavor. Scallops are delicious and easy-to-prepare seafood that comes out sumptuous with minimum prep. There's little you need to do or add to bring out its iconic sweetness and tender texture.

Our 2 pounds of frozen bay scallops may tend to be smaller in size compared to sea scallops— but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in flavor. They are sweeter, more tender, and flakier than sea scallops. Eating perfectly made scallops feels like indulging in a treat you may regret later, yet scallops are packed with protein and very low in fat.

Our frozen bay scallops can be transformed into unique or comforting dishes. Try out making a creamy seafood bisque topped with butter-fried golden scallops. Want to taste something new? Did you know scallops make a sophisticated ceviche? If ceviche doesn't suit you, you can never go wrong with an opening dinner appetizer like bacon-wrapped scallops.

One of the main reasons scallops remain such a popular ingredient is that they are the perfect gateway to seafood for people who aren't very fond of the overtly fishy taste of other types of seafood. They can often be the ideal food to win over even the pickiest eater with an unassuming appearance and luscious flavor.

Our 2 pounds of frozen bay scallops will come at a pinch when wondering what to prepare for dinner tonight. We recommend avoiding thawing them in the microwave or with water but letting them slowly thaw in the refrigerator to cook them within the next two days. When you're ready to enjoy if you're short on time, it's as easy as heating up your frying pan. While the pan heats, pat dry your scallops and sprinkle them with salt, pepper, and any fresh herb you enjoy. Flick a drop of water in the pan, and if it dances, add the oil, add the scallops, and cook until seared a golden brown.

At Wholey, it has been our pleasure to inspire dishes, meals, and cuisine since 1912. We are passionate and dedicated to delivering the freshest cuts of meat and the highest quality seafood and products to make everyone fall in love with food again.

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Frozen Bay Scallops (2 lbs.)