Dressed Cat Fish (2 Lb. Avg)


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If you find yourself repeating the same meals over and over each week, you are unfortunately suffering from the dinnertime rut. Luckily, there is an easy solution that the whole family will love! When you order from us, you get a taste of the ocean delivered right to your door. Our dressed catfish is no exception to the delicious offerings that we provide to people all over the United States. This fresh option is a great way to mix up your routine in the kitchen. Make creative meals with this tasty fish that will wow your family and friends. Our fresh dressed catfish is caught fresh, so that the delicious taste is sealed in, and your friends and family won't believe you didn't catch this fish on your own. Every order comes with 2 pounds of fresh catfish, offering the perfect amount for several meals. Not only that, there are so many options when it comes to cooking up fresh dressed catfish. You may want to dice it up and serve it prepared in a delicious stew during those colder months or you may want to try it baked with a side salad during summertime. No matter how you prepare it, we're sure you'll love our fresh fish options.

Whether ordering dressed catfish, farm raised catfish, or catfish fillets from Wholey, you will get a clean, ready-to-cook product you can prepare many ways. Your dressed catfish order will average about 2 lbs., so allow three-quarter-lb. per person. If baking, pan frying, or grilling, allow 10 minutes per inch, but 15 minutes if cooking in a sauce, such as cream sauce. When frying or grilling, be sure to flip, and just once. It's done when opaque and easily pierced with a fork, and flaking. Guard against overcooking.
Dressed Cat Fish (2 Lb. Avg)

Dressed Cat Fish (2 Lb. Avg)