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Dressed Cat Fish (2 Lb. Avg)

Item #: frdrcatfi2lb


Get 2 pounds of fresh, tender catfish when you order from Wholey. This fresh dressed catfish is a great way to mix up your routine in the kitchen. Make creative meals with this tasty fish that will wow your family and friends. Our fresh dressed catfish is available in a 2-pound order, which is perfect for a dinner party or special family dinner.

Whether ordering dressed catfish, farm raised catfish, or catfish fillets from Wholey, you will get a clean, ready-to-cook product you can prepare many ways. Your dressed catfish order will average about 2 lbs., so allow three-quarter-lb. per person. If baking, pan frying, or grilling, allow 10 minutes per inch, but 15 minutes if cooking in a sauce, such as cream sauce. When frying or grilling, be sure to flip, and just once. It's done when opaque and easily pierced with a fork, and flaking. Guard against overcooking.
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