Center-Cut Beef Back Ribs 6.5 Lbs. Avg.

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Barbecue season is around the corner, and it’s your year to earn that “King of the grill” apron. The neighbors are cooking up steaks, burgers, and chicken, but you have a secret weapon: the often-forgotten beef back ribs. This cut is often passed over for short ribs, but at Wholey, we know that’s a mistake. Beef back ribs may have less meat than other rib types, but the quality of that meat will turn heads.

Most of what you’ll find on a back rib is the meat used for ribeye and prime rib. Cook them correctly and you’ll end up with the most tender ribs in town. And because of their lower meat content, beef back ribs cook slightly faster than other ribs, so you can enjoy your Saturday lounging instead of standing at the grill. Cook them on indirect heat to get that smokey flavor without burning.

These ribs aren’t just for grilling, although we do love that flavor. Beef back ribs contain more marrow than other ribs, making them perfect for stews and stocks. A bouillon cube just won’t cut it after you’ve flavored a soup with these bones. However you prepare them, these ribs love to be cooked on low heat. They are at their best on the indirect heat of a grill or smoker, in a long-simmering broth, or braised. Giving them a little extra cook time will take the meat from tough to tender. Order these ribs from Wholey in a 9-pound package, and be ready for a summer of deliciousness.

While you’re ordering, why not stock up the freezer with a few more summertime essentials? Wholey is proud to carry premium quality meats for all occasions. Fill out that barbecue party with Albert’s Old Fashioned Franks; our 5-pound package will be a hit for the entire family. Go on a grilling adventure with Wholey’s USDA Steak Sampler. This unique bundle comes with two 8-ounce USDA filet mignon steaks, two 12-ounce USDA boneless New York strip steaks, and two 12-ounce USDA boneless ribeye Delmonico steaks. And when you find something you love, check out our subscription options to keep quality meat and seafood coming to your door all year long.


Sliced Beef Back Ribs on a wooden cutting board next to a bowl of sauce

Center-Cut Beef Back Ribs 6.5 Lbs. Avg.