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31-40 Extra Large Cooked Shrimp (2 Lb.)

Item #: cecotaon31sh


In some cases, fresh is always better. In shrimp, fresh means that there is a lot of work to be done before you can enjoy the delicious shrimp that are making your mouth water. Luckily, we offer 31-40 extra large cooked shrimp that will make a delicious addition to your next meal. They are flavorful, fully cooked with the tail on, meaning they will fill up you and your family, though not quite on their own. They are a bit too big for shrimp cocktail, but not quite enough to stand alone on the grill, so these are especially ideal for salads, pasta, and mixed seafood dishes. You could even put some in tacos for a tasty twist. The best part is, these are all fully cooked, meaning you just have to heat them up, and enjoy. Our 31-40 extra large cooked shrimp are a great option for those busy nights or days when you need a healthy lunch for your family, but are running low on time. Rather than go for take-out or fast food, whip them up a quick and easy shrimp pasta salad with some vegetables.

Our fully cooked tail-on medium shrimp come from Vietnam and Indonesia, but they taste like they were just caught earlier that day. They were also farm raised, so you can feel good about where you are getting your shrimp.

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