Maryland Style Crab Cakes, 18 Count

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Whether you are a devoted fan of crab cakes of all kinds or just starting to branch out to this beautiful dish—we've got something delicious coming your way! Introducing our 18-count Maryland Style Crab cakes, pre-made and ready to go from stove to plate; simple, easy, convenient, and mouth-wateringly good!

Nothing brings to mind summer sunshine and ocean-side vacations like our Maryland-style crab cakes. One bite of these delicious morsels, and you'll feel like you're on the deck of a beautiful seaside restaurant! What makes a crab cake Maryland-style?

Maryland-style crab cakes don't rely on any filler like breadcrumbs of potato, its made using only the decadent lump meat of a crab or a Maryland blue crab and have a signature sweetness and mild yet savory flavor with tender meat that melts in your mouth.

Our 18-count of Maryland-style crab cakes make the easiest, tastiest main course, appetizer, or even delectable appetizer to a more extensive seafood buffet. Flawlessly pair these with vegetables in the fridge, skewer them, and pop them onto the grill for a bright pop of color and smokiness to your plate. For extra heat, whip up a simple corn salad. Combine fresh corn, basil, scallions, and jalapenos with a light vinaigrette for a vibrant, flavorful salad to round out your meal. And when ready for dessert, we recommend something light and refreshing, like a fluffy key lime pie. The tart lime filling will be the perfect finishing note for your summertime meal.

There's nothing better or more filling than pre-made Maryland-style crab cakes for those quick weeknight meals, between soccer practice, entertaining guests, family, or just for yourself!

Broil over an open flame, cooked in a buttered pan, or baked in the oven—either way, you'll love the taste of our Maryland-style crab cakes. However, before you add them to your cart, don't forget to sign up for a free Wholey Account! When you do, you can earn points toward coupon redemption every time you purchase.

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Maryland Style Crab Cakes, 18 Count