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Godshall's Turkey Bacon 4 Pack

Item #: tuba


Sometimes it can be hard to take the healthy route. Look at bacon for an example. It tastes delicious, but it's fatty, and not really the best thing for you to be eating with your burgers or breakfasts. Unless of course, you found a healthier version that still gave you all the standard flavor you crave. Godshall's turkey bacon is the answer to your prayers. This meat was designed to make you change the way you think about turkey bacon. It's a leaner, less fatty version of the traditional pork variety, except it's made with cured turkey thighs; you get all the flavor without the added guilt. The 94 percent fat-free turkey bacon is complemented by a rich, sweet flavor that makes it absolutely perfect for serving alongside your favorite breakfast foods.

The best part about Godshall's turkey bacon is how many ways there are to prepare it. You can microwave it for a quick preparation or you can fry it in the pan, either way, it tastes delicious. From there, add it to a variety of meals, it's not just for breakfast you know! Each order comes with four packs, ensuring that you will have plenty to put in the freezer for a later date. This favorite comes in two delicious flavors: Maple and Wood Smoked.

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