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There’s more to the world of bacon outside of pork! Godshall’s Beef bacon is generally created with the same cut as pork bacon, the belly, and it can be made from brisket, round, or even leaner cuts! But why should you consider cooking with our naturally wood smoked Beef bacon? There are so many tasty reasons!

First, if you’re following a Paleo or Keto diet or simply in love with beef, this is a must-have on your following grocery list as this bacon packs 4 grams of protein per serving with zero carbs. Second, if you do not eat pork, beef bacon is another tasty alternative to enjoy the same experiences without pork!

Our Beef bacon has a rich, robust flavor marrying the savory umami and subtle smokiness that regular bacon has, while thanks to the natural marbling, lends a depth of flavor that is both distinct and satisfying. When appropriately prepared, the texture of our Godshall’s Beef bacon will strike a delicate balance between tenderness and satisfying crunch, as the slices are often thicker than traditional bacon and retrain their meatiness to caramelize beautifully.

Cooking with beef bacon can also unlock a new world of culinary possibilities! Whether you pan-fry it for breakfast, add it to a hearty sandwich, add depth and flavor to homemade pasta sauces, or use it to complement your favorite meaty, savory dishes.
While it may not always be lower in fat than turkey bacon, this is still an excellent alternative for those seeking more diverse flavor profiles while opting for a meat-based treat. Prepare this beef bacon for a culinary delight for sizzling in a skillet, baked in an oven, or even gracing your favorite grilling recipes; its robust nature will ensure an extra flavor and aroma to tantalize the senses.

At Robert Wholey Co., for more than a century, we have made exploring food more straightforward and accessible than ever for families worldwide. We’re excited to delve into culinary preferences as they evolve and change, and we think beef bacon stands as a savory option to cater to meat enthusiasts looking to depart the norm. Before you add Godshall’s Beef bacon to your cart, consider signing up for a free Wholey’s membership to enjoy exclusive rewards each time you shop with us!

Godshall's Turkey Bacon 4 Pack Wholey's

Godshall's Turkey Bacon 4 Pack

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