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21-25 Ct. P&D Raw Shrimp (2 Lb.)

Item #: censeajupede


Sometimes, there is nothing better than a delicious shrimp dinner. It's a great way to bring a taste of the coast to your kitchen and can be the perfect quick dinner for a busy night or the perfect appetizer to an elegant cocktail party over the weekend. No matter which you use it for, our 21-25 count P&D raw shrimp is the perfect addition to any meal. The Seamazz Jumbo Peeled and Deveined shrimp are large shrimp that are ready to cook and serve. They offer a firm and flavorful taste that can be prepared in virtually limitless ways and make a healthy addition to any diet. Serve with cocktail sauce for a romantic dinner or try preparing this on a homemade pizza for a delicious twist to a classic dinner. All of our shrimp are farm raised, and flash frozen, that way the flavorful taste is in every bite when it gets to you. Your friends will want to know your secret to finding such delicious 21-25 count P&D raw shrimp. Each package comes with 2 pounds of hearty shrimp for even the largest appetite.

Country of Origin: Indonesia

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