12-14 oz Cold Water Lobster Tails

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There's nothing quite like a home-cooked meal to impress a special someone. While dinner out and dancing might work for some, others prefer more intimate celebrations in their home. If you want to impress and delight, creating a decadent meal or dish for anniversaries, birthdays, and more is easy when you shop our 12-14 ounce cold water lobster tails.
Have you never had lobster tail before? Wondering what it tastes like? If you or your loved ones and family are fans of less 'fishy' seafood, lobster tails may be the solution for happy families and spouses. Our 12-14 ounce cold-water caught lobster tails have a vibrant and satisfying buttery-sweet flavor. Lobster is also an excellent source of Omega 3 oils, essential vitamins, and minerals, making this seafood delight good for you and incredibly tasty. 

Our lobster tails are large enough to be prepared independently, without any turf needed, and still provide a delicious, filling meal. Just make sure to remember the melted butter to dip it in. Want other ways to cook your lobster tails? Our 12-14 ounce cold-water lobster tails can be: 
  • Boiled
  • Grilled
  • Steamed
  • Baked
  • Barbequed
  • Fried
And lobster tails are perfect for lobster bisque, lobster thermidor, lobster pasta, and so much more. One of the more elegant and impressive ways to cut and prepare our cold-water caught lobster tails is to butterfly the tail, cutting down the middle, open up the shell, and pull the meat out, ensuring just a tiny part remains attached at the tail of the fin. The meat is then layered on top of the shell, and when fully cooked, the shell appears to be reconnected with the meat gorgeously plated on top—making it easy to season and eat! 

All of the lobster offered in our selection is flash frozen immediately after capture; that way, when you prepare it, it tastes like you got it directly off the fishing boat, not from an online store. These are yummy options that you're sure to love and impress.

Our cold water lobster tails are packaged carefully with dry ice and delivered to your door. The dry ice keeps them fresh; you can keep them frozen or cook them immediately. No matter what you decide, you'll become a top chef.
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12-14 oz Cold Water Lobster Tails

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