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Lobster Soup Base (16 OZ)

Item #: miloba


Trusted by chefs and food service professionals throughout North America, Minor’s has provided flavorful bases for hot and cold applications since 1951. Whether you’re planning a celebratory affair or a simple weeknight meal for the family, Minor’s lobster base will prove a worthy alternative to traditional chicken and beef bases. This product comes ready-to-flavor and eat regardless of how you plan to incorporate it into your cooking routine. This powerful base contains sautéed premium lobster, tomato paste, and a variety of authentic spices to unveil truly complex flavors in your favorite dishes.

From traditional lobster bisques to seafood-inspired mac and cheese, our lobster soup base can be used in a variety of innovative ways. Better yet, this base doesn’t require any cooking to achieve food safety. You can safely use this base in salads, dressings, and other uncooked foods. This product features no artificial flavors or added MSG, so you can feel better about the food you’re serving to your friends and loved ones. Lobster is also low in fat and calories while providing substantial amounts of protein. Worried about contaminants? Lobster is a terrific lower-mercury seafood option. Make the smartest decision for your health and your palate by including lobster in your repertoire. Allow the sophisticated flavors of Minor’s lobster base to transform your affinity for risotto, seafood chowder, or paella. We are confident that your family or guests will spend all night guessing at your secret ingredient.

For more than a century, Wholey’s Market has provided quality service and the freshest seafood available. Best of all, you can now enjoy the convenience of ordering your seafood or meats online. If you have any questions about this product or our services, please contact us today and a friendly member of our team will gladly assist you.

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