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Wholey's Wing Dust, 10 oz

Item #: whwidu12oz


There's nothing like a good basket of wings and an ice cold beer to go with it. Well, we certainly can't help you with the beer, but the wings, we've got you covered there. Wholey's Wing Dust will make you think that you suddenly have the power to summon the best restaurant-style wings out there, all from your own kitchen. We know that it's not always reasonable to head out to a local restaurant when you have a wing craving, which is why we created this wing and fry dust. With a selection of spices and just a touch of sugar, you'll be making wings once a week for Wing Wednesday or for the game. And you'll also likely have more friends dropping by for the game once they get a taste of this seasoning. We offer 10-ounce containers of Wholey's Wing Dust, or two 5 ounce containers, which is plenty to get you started on making quality wings in your own kitchen.

With every product we offer, we make it with our family in mind. If we wouldn't want our family eating it, we don't want our customers eating it, which is why we use fresh spices and ingredients in every product. We know how important getting that fresh taste is to any food lover.

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