Wholey's House-Made Compound Butter (1 lb. Avg.)

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Compound butter, or as it is called in French beurre compose, is in its simplest forms butter, softened, then mixed with other ingredients that can add sweet, savory, or spicy flavors. While it can be easy to make at home, we know that life throws us challenges that can keep us from working and cooking in the kitchen.

So save time and effort; the grocery store runs when you cook or create with our in-house compound butter. Created and crafted meticulously by hand and using only the freshest herbs such as cilantro, parsley, garlic, shallots, and a sprinkling of lemon juice, this deceptively simple-looking condiment comes with a flavor profile unlike any other butter you may have encountered!

What makes our homemade compound butter so unique? We begin with genuine, freshly churned Amish butter. Creamy and slightly tangy, Amish butter is naturally more decadent thanks to slow and patient churning by experienced makers with generations of family-owned and operated farms. Amish butter also has a touch more buttermilk fat, rivaling European butter, resulting in a finer, creamier product with far more flavor than regular butter.

You might be wondering: But, Wholey’s, what can you do with compound butter? Anything you wish! But some of our favorite ways to use it include:

  • Spread it on bread, toast, scones, biscuits, or any savory bread or pastry
  • Melt it and enjoy using it as a flavoring enhancement for meat, fish, and vegetables
  • Use it as an ingredient for enhancing baked goods or making unique sauces
  • Stir it into pasta or rice to add another level of flavor complexity

The versatility of our house-made compound butter is nearly limitless; melt it atop sizzling steak, use it as an ingredient, or use it as the star of the show on a freshly baked slice of bread. With its decadent creaminess and aromatic herbaceousness, you may reach for our in-house compound butter for nearly every meal and creation.

Add this culinary marvel to your favorites or experiment in new ways to elevate every recipe or pair it with your favorite on-repeat Wholey’s steaks and meat cuts, baste-grilled veggies, and more. At Wholey’s, you’ll find the freshest, tastiest cuts of meat, delectable sides, spices, and more to make mealtime fun and exciting again.

Packaged compound butter

Wholey's House-Made Compound Butter (1 lb. Avg.)