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Sweet Bourbon Glaze


There's just something about grilling season. Kids are out of school, the weather is warming up, pools are opening, and it's the perfect time for preparing fresh meals on the grill. Our Sweet Bourbon Glaze is the perfect addition to a variety of meats and seafood. It adds a sweet robust flavor to a variety of options including steak, pork, chicken and even shrimp. However, don't worry about it being too powerful, our sauces are made to complement the already existing flavors, not overwhelm them. We use only high-quality ingredients for our Sweet Bourbon Glaze because we only serve our customers the best. Here, we treat our customers like they are family, and family doesn't get old ingredients or bad sauces, instead, they get fresh, flavorful options that are sure to have their taste buds watering. Next time you're asked to man the grill, step up and show off your grilling skills with our blends and sauces.

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