Traditional Meat Dishes

Traditional Meat Dishes

Are you beginning to get into a meal slump? It happens to the best of us, especially when it seems like you’re cooking the same things over and over again. They may be some of your favorite recipes, but they can get old when you constantly are preparing them over and over again. Luckily, we put together a list of traditional meat dishes so you can add some variety to your mealtime. In some cases, you can even alter these traditional dishes by using a different type of meat for a new flavor.

Barbacoa: Depending on where you are from, you may have heard of barbacoa and even had it at some restaurants. This is a traditional Mexican dish and can be prepared using beef cheeks or goat meat, depending on the area it is prepared. This features a delicious blend of spices with a kick over tender meat.

Carpaccio: Another dish that can be served with two types of meat. You will find many restaurants serve beef carpaccio or you can find it is fish in other areas. This meat is thinly sliced and pounded into thin strips, and served raw as an appetizer. It was created in Venice and became a popular appetizer dish in the late twentieth century.

Enchiladas: These are a traditional Mexican dish that feature a flavorful sauce, your choice of meat that can be beef, chicken or pork, as well as tortillas, cheese, and a red sauce covering them. These are generally served with a side of rice and beans, as well as tortilla chips and are commonly found in Mexican restaurants. They are easy to prepare yourself and a great way to bring a cultural twist to your kitchen.

Gyro: A Greek dish made from meat cooked on a rotisserie, this also varies depending on the location. You may use lamb, pork, chicken or even beef, depending on your preference. It’s served on pita bread with a variety of vegetables on top and wrapped into a delicious sandwich that is served hot.

Meat Loaf: This is a pretty common recipe, and maybe one you already are aware of. However, there are ways to take your meatloaf to a new level. One way we think you’d love is by pairing a meat loaf with a red wine glaze. It’ll add a special caramelization to your meal and really elevate it with just a simple twist.

Beef Stew: Another delicious, yet common recipe, you can give this a nice twist with a red wine sauce. You’ll also use the cut of beef that is known as the flatiron steak. Add red wine to this, and you have a delicious stew that is tender, moist, and a hit. You don’t need to add stock or water or anything, just a robust red wine and a delicious slice of meat, potatoes, and carrots.

Cassoulet: You may not be as familiar with this dish, though it is a traditional one that features white beans and pork. This dish gets its name from the pot it’s baked in, which is called a cassole. While this will help, it’s not necessary to prepare a cassoulet, which can be a delicious addition to any meal planning list.

Quick-Roasted Chicken: Give your chicken a twist by roasting it with mustard and garlic. It’ll give a different taste than you may not be used to, but we are certain it’ll become a favorite of yours in no time.

Pasta Bolognese: This slow-cooked sauce is a delicious option for a weekend dinner fit for a king. Use egg noodles, beef, and red sauce to create a rich meat sauce that simmers for hours to perfection. Add a dash of parmesan cheese to the top to complete it.