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Holiday Cooking and Inspiration Articles

beef suya

Four Unique International Dishes for Your Summer Cookout

This summer, wow the taste buds of family and guests with our four unusual summer cookout recipes and suggestions! Try these original and unique flavors for your next meal.

Whole orange roasted chicken

Unique Easter Meal with Traditional Elements

Are you getting bored with the same old food every Easter? Let’s shake it up! Find out how to introduce new flavors while still making your traditional relatives happy.

Mexican Recipes for a Spicy Valentine's Day

Mexican Recipes for a Spicy Valentine's Day

Did you know that spicy foods cause the body to release endorphins? Adding a spicyMexican element to your Valentine’s menu could take your day from mild to hot.Did you know that spicy foods cause the body to release endorphins? Adding a spicyMexican element to your Valentine’s menu could take your day from mild to hot.

Plate of Pork Chops, Brocolli and Mashed Squash

After Holiday Recipes For When You're Too Tired to Cook

Put your feet up and relax with our inspiring easy recipes for after the holidays. Quick, flavorful, and hassle-free you'll love these low-energy easy meals.

Plate of Hoppin' John

Try a New Traditional Food for New Years

Try something a little different to ring in the new with these delicious new year food traditions! From the Southern United States to China, taste the world!

Latkas being passed over a dining table

Traditional Dishes for Chanukah

These traditional Hanukkah recipes are flavorful, and memorable, making for a joyful celebration. These dishes are a must-have that your family will adore sharing.

Stuffed Grape Leaves on a plate

Middle Eastern Christmas Dishes

This holiday season, take a taste-filled trip to faraway places with these flavor-bursting Middle Eastern Christmas recipes. Something new and wonderful for your season's eating!

Smoked Brisket

How to Prepare Thanksgiving BBQ Brisket

Say goodbye to boring, old turkey this Thanksgiving and hello to a mouthwatering smoked brisket. Here’s how you can start a new and beloved holiday tradition!

Pumpkin Soup

Unique Soups and Stews for the Cooler Seasons

As the temperatures start to drop, the desire for comforting soups and stews rise. Find a new seasonal favorite in our list of unusual, unique, and tasty recipes.

Candy Corn Cookies

Fun Family Dinner Ideas for Halloween

Before going trick-or-treating, fill you and your family with a savory and scary Halloween dinner. Try these yummy ideas for your next spooky supper.

Man grilling foood

Hot Tips for Your Labor Day Barbecue

If you're looking for the best tips on making your next Labor Day party the best on the block, look no further. We'll help you host the best summer party around.

Watermelon and Feta

Unusual Food Combinations for Summer

Are you often told that you have a unique, or sometimes unusual, sense of taste? We have a list of interesting food pairings that might sound irresistable to you!

Mardi Gras

Bring the Carnivale to you with Mardi Gras Recipes

Bring home the taste and memories of New Orleans with these inspired Mardi Gras meals at home. Everything from desserts to savory main courses will make you feel like you're there!


Change up your Holidays with Something Different: Christmas BBQ

Tired of the same seasonal menu and want to branch out? This year, why not embrace the age-old American tradition? Try Christmas BBQ for something different!

Christmas Recipes Along the Coast

Christmas Recipes Along the Coast

Whether you are spending Christmas on the coast or want to bring the coast to you, these coastal Christmas recipes will help you capture that magic.

Classic Dinner Ideas for Easter

Classic Dinner Ideas for Easter

Want to cook something classic this year for Easter? No idea where to start? Let's get your mind and taste buds engaged with these classic Easter dinner ideas you will surely love!

Dutch and German Inspired Christmas Rabbit Recipes

Branch out into some traditional German and Dutch foods this season with our delectable Christmas Rabbit Recipes! Let your holiday foods shine Merry and Bright!

International Traditional Easter Foods

International Traditional Easter Foods

Travel without leaving your home with our interesting look at traditional Easter foods from around the world. Find inspiration, new ideas, flavors, and wonderful global dishes.

International Valentine's Day Foods to Try

Want to cook something different for your loved ones this year? We explore Valentine's food from around the world to bring you internationally inspired dishes with love.

Learn how to Prepare a Cajun Inspired Christmas

Sharing what you have with friends and family is a Cajun tradition. This holiday season, learn how to prepare a Cajun Christmas meal and create wonderful memories!

Lucky New Year's Seafood Traditions to Try

Did you know that eating seafood during New Year's is lucky for you? This year, learn how to make New Year's Seafood traditions for a holiday meal unforgettable!

ceviche with lime

Meal Planning for Christmas

It's hard not to love Christmas. It's one of the few Holidays that, as adults, we're allowed to revert to that first sense of wonder and delight at what seemed like thousands of tiny twinkling lights, unlimited shimmer and shine, the glitter of tinsel, and the sparkling glow of the season all around us.

Preparing the Perfect Easter Lamb

Preparing the Perfect Easter Lamb

Are you thinking of trying lamb? Let us help you learn how to prepare lamb this Easter for a perfect, melt-in-your-mouth holiday dinner that friends and family will rave about!

Thanksgiving Meals Instead of Turkey

Thanksgiving Meals Instead of Turkey

It is a holiday that celebrates good friends, good food, and good company as well as family. Whether your family is that of your beloved pet, those around you at that moment, or a gathering of mom, dad, aunts, and uncles,

ceviche with lime

Unique Seafood Ideas for Thanksgiving

The first thing that comes to mind when many of us think of Thanksgiving is that of comfort. The comfort of food, family, and friends combined to become a warm memory to carry us through the holidays into the coming year.

Unique Valentine's Dinner Ideas

Unique Valentine's Dinner Ideas

For the most romantic day of the year, you may be wondering which restaurant to make your reservation at. While you could do that, there’s something better that you could do as well.

Where the Tradition of Eating Ham Came From

Where the Tradition of Eating Ham Came From

Have you ever wondered: why do so many of us eat ham for Easter? We answer where this North American tradition came from and how it all started in this article.

There are few moments as perfect as a holiday for creating timeless moments with friends and family. Whether those moments are bedecked in glittering tinsel or part of the day including an Easter Egg Hunt, there's not much that beats holiday cooking!

Except, perhaps, having to be the one to create, plan and cook the meal every time! Sometimes, coming up with either a simple holiday meal or an entire course can become frustrating. Other times we may want to cook something that's not the traditional dish for a holiday, but finding inspiration on what to try and cook can be just as tricky.

For your next holiday meal, why not turn to Wholey for all your holiday cooking needs? Not only do we provide the freshest, premium cuts of meats, poultry, and seafood right to your door—we love providing ideas and inspiration and assisting our customers in cooking their next legendary meal. It's not just about the service we provide, but understanding everything about it: how to cook it, prepare it, essential sanitation and nutrition, and so much more.

This holiday season, let us take some of the burdens of planning the next special meal by providing insights and exciting dishes and recipes from the classic to non-traditional worldwide. We aren't just delivering everything you need to make dinner right to your door, but we're committed to providing solutions and ideas to make you fall in love with your holiday cooking.

Within our Holiday Cooking section, not only will we explore the globe with traditional meals from all over, but we'll also take a look at how to create new twists on the classics. We'll also dive into ideas on how to spice up or venture out into new holiday cooking recipes you may not have tried while looking at the history of these dishes and where they may have come from. We'll even provide some of our favorite holiday recipes that we hope will become yours.

With over 100 years of passion for the food we eat and the food we make, we're dedicated to serving our customers with resources and products that make life easier. We hope you enjoy our holiday cooking articles!