Ginger Thai Sauce

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Transport yourself to a world where flavors dance on your taste buds, and every bite is a symphony of sensations! Our Ginger Thai Sauce is so irresistible and balanced that it will elevate nearly any dish you add.

Our tantalizing Ginger Thai sauce is designed to revolutionize your culinary creation and adventures by marrying ginger and Thair spices' bold and vibrant flavors. Zesty ginger invigorates the senses, infusing the sauce with an inviting warmth to awaken the palate with authentic Thai seasoning that compliments the ginger perfectly. Fragrant lemon grass, chilies, and aromantic spices harmonize, lending this sauce its signature complexity and depth. The careful balance of spices ensures that every bite is filled with flavor-spicy, tangy, and subtly sweet—to dance across taste buds.

Our Ginger Thai Sauce is incredibly versatile! Create a mouth-watering Ginger Thai chicken dish, add it to your favorite Tofu recipe, make a unique Thai peanut dipping sauce, and add an extra dimension to your Pad Thai—the possibilities are nearly endless. You can quickly marinate your chicken, beef, or tofu with our sauce so that the flavors seep in and transform your ordinary ingredients into an extraordinary delight. Drizzle our sauce over any savory dish for a zesty freshness, or use it as a dipping sauce for your spring rolls and crispy tempura.

More than just a condiment, our Ginger Thai Sauce embodies our commitment to quality and freshness, delivering delectable flavors, meats, and seafood right to our customer's front door to make falling in love with cooking and food more accessible than ever.

For over a century, we have been genuinely passionate about all things food, from a little meat and poultry shop envisioned by Robert L. Wholey and his son, Robert C. Wholey, to one of the most beloved meat and seafood markets in person and online. From where we source our food, how to cook it, and more, at Wholey, we help families create meals and dishes that family, friends, and guests will talk about for years to come!

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Ginger Thai Sauce