Cornish Hens (4 lbs.)

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Cornish hens are the ideal centerpiece for any large meal. Roast these Tyson cornish hens in the oven until they are perfectly juicy and golden brown, basting or glazing if you want to add a special touch. Once cooked, plate them up and serve with roasted vegetables, steaming rice, or both! The dressing, cooking, and complementing options are endless with Cornish hens. Grab a pack and indulge in a fine feast today.

The Cornish hen is usually smaller than a standard chicken, weighing at about a pound. The bird's small size makes it ideal for single-serving meals. The meat of these birds is tender and juicy, with a mild flavor. The skin is thin and delicate, making it ideal for roasting and basting. This selection of four is great for a family meal. Some people like to eat hens on special occasions, while others enjoy them as a tasty and easy weeknight dinner. No matter when you eat them, you'll love the taste.

Tyson is world-renowned for its quality meat products. The Tyson Cornish Hen is an all-natural product made with no artificial ingredients. Furthermore, this includes no antibiotics, preservatives, or added hormones and steroids. Every bird that arrives at your door is inspected by the US Department of Agriculture and has received high standards. When you buy Tyson from Wholey, you're investing in a quality product that will be fresh and ready to cook.

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Tyson Cornish Hen

Cornish Hens (4 lbs.)